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Look for white-label trading platforms?

det365娱乐场所官方网 offers an all-in-one proprietary trading platform, and our fully equipped solution -- including customer cabinets and back office software -- is the solution you're looking for!

Cryptocurrency Trading

Get your white label

Complete brokerage solution

Trader front desk, trading platform and back office。

Multiple product offerings

WOW Trader, WOW Easy edition, MT4, MT5。

Multi-base currency

Through Fiat or Crypto more than 100 kinds of integration can be easily stored and extracted。

Rapid deployment

Use standalone, embedded platforms, widgets, or powerful apis。

Enthusiastic support

Multi-language 24/7 monitoring and support via Skype and Freshdesk。

Support for multiple currencies

Set up unrestricted groups and high-risk watch list groups by country or activity。

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    • $2.500
    • 基本
    • 入門
    • turnkey
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      Your white label trading platform

      Customize your trading platform with 100 diversified assets, multiple financial products and unique features, including user account level access and advantages。

      Simple but advanced

      det365娱乐场所官方网 is an intuitive way for beginners to learn, and it provides great power for advanced investors。We provide you with profit - and stop-loss slider, listing and segment lever services。

      Your own look and feel

      Use our customizable platform。Choose or create your own theme from our preset theme。Make it unique, up to you!

      Your own risk Settings

      Risk and p&L models that reflect your unique business needs。Account-based risk, layered risk, and more options give you complete control。

      Benefits of det365娱乐场所官方网 trading platform

      We have developed a powerful, user-friendly white label trading solution。

      WOW Network Trader

      det365娱乐场所官方网's unique WOW platform is the result of 11 years of research and development。It addresses one of the most difficult issues facing the online trading industry: the different technologies, functions, and look-and-feel of trading platforms across devices。

      Membership tracking software

      If you can't measure, you can't improve。 det365娱乐场所官方网's membership platform tracks your membership program from start to finish to capture clicks, leads, and conversions sent by your members。It also automatically distributes commissions to the correct members。Our intuitive reporting tools help you plan your growth strategy。

      det365娱乐场所官方网 background

      Our complete back office enables your financial services organization to build, build and maintain relationships with new and existing clients。Automatically execute sales campaign prompts throughout the marketing process and continuously analyze your customer base。

      Start your brokerage business today!

      Contact us now to get started and we'll get back to you within 24 hours。

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      Integration makes it easier

      Payment integration

      Currently supports over three hundred payment gateways with embeddable and optimized payment widgets for generating transformations, including: Praxis, Safecharge, and Zotapay。

      Multiple flow integration

      det365娱乐场所官方网 offers the widest range of CFD asset classes, including fx and digital asset liquidity, through the Direct Fix API or One Zero Hub。

      Messages and Communications

      We offer chat and telephony solutions fully integrated into CRM as well as proxy mail systems to support the high demands of remote working。

      Sync with all industry leading third party software

      To learn more

      Artificial intelligence personalized assistant

      Without leaving the platform, your customers can enjoy reading news, video breaking news and our AI assistants, trading education and platform tutorials。

      Market news

      det365娱乐场所官方网's proprietary notification system notifies users of breaking news, price changes, and market crashes。


      The fully integrated trading academy includes more than 155 courses, updated in each trading session with a full-brand daily video news edition。

      Artificial Intelligence Assistant

      Our personalized solution allows brokers to coordinate all of their business across a unified dialogue platform。

      Simplified user experience

      Whether novice or professional traders, our mobile application makes it easy for traders to enter the market。

      Cross-platform Web and applications

      Our mobile web offering is a true cross-device platform, built with the latest technology and optimized for the ultimate transaction experience。

      Keen observation of the market

      Explore trading opportunities and view your portfolio in real time。Our Hawk-eye perspective brings you all the latest market news。

      White label trading application

      自定義你的應用程序!從我們預先設定的主題中選擇或創建自己的主題。Make it yours!

      Support for 21 languages

      Our platform supports up to 21 languages, with more being added over time。

      High security

      Opening an account through a mobile device requires two-step verification (2FA) and our login feature uses facial recognition。

      Independent brokerage experience

      With its most innovative product, The det365娱乐场所官方网 AI Assistant enables brokers to automate various processes with conversational AI and voice。

      There are three briefings a day

      Personalized news, video summaries and an overview of your account activity。

      Trader alert notice

      Market price alerts, breaking news and upcoming economic events。

      Trading behavior

      Give your traders easy access to their accounts via text or voice, whether setting up trades or receiving messages。

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