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Your brokerage, investment firm or financial management firm can easily access the web-based trading market, thus providing your clients with a convenient, secure and user-friendly trading platform。

Web Trading

An intuitive and simple way to trade in the world market

Say goodbye to complex charts, legacy products, and heavy software。The "old road" was on the highway。


Simplified trading platform

det365娱乐场所官方网 trading platform features include:

No Slippage

Don't slip

The price demanded by the trader is the price executed for your trade。

Negative balance protection

Negative balance protection

Your trader account will never fall below zero。

Multipile leverages per account levels

There are multiple levers per account level

Your trader can choose from pre-configured leverage。

Swap-free account & Islamic Account

Convertible accounts and Islamic accounts

Your trader will enjoy a zero interchange fee。


Our trading platform brings you benefits

We have customized our trading platform with over 100 assets, including a variety of financial products and unique features, including user account level access and revenue。

Multi Asset offering

Multi-asset product

More than 100 currency pairs, indices, commodities and stocks。

Unlimited Risk Groups

Unlimited risk group

Set the spread for each group of traders, activity or country。

Flexible Base Currency

Flexible monetary base

Multi-wallet and multi-currency support。

Visual Bonus System

Visual reward system

Offer more than seven rewards through our trader interactive progress bar。

Invest with Dollar Amount

Invest in dollar amounts

Our platform trading solution makes it easy for traders to set the investment amount to US dollars or other base currencies。Traders are not confused by volume and point values because the platform already automatically calculates the required quantities and multipliers (leverage)。

Close at desired loss value or profit value

Liquidate a position at the expected value of loss or profit

Our simplified trading platform enables traders to intuitively set the value of their trades in order to profit and stop losses。Traders can easily set risk management values using sliders to view expected set points and prices on trading zones and charts。

Open Trade if Price reaches certain limit

Price limit open trading

Our det365娱乐场所官方网 platform enables traders to place pending future orders when prices reach certain values。This feature allows traders to see the desired price level on their chart。

You're not limited to just one piece of software

FX/CFD Trading

Forex/CFD trading

The ability to provide customers with currency for transactions and create contracts for different transactions。

CRM Trading Software

CRM transaction software

Integrate your sales, service and marketing into one CRM tool。

MT4 Trading

MT4 trading

This comprehensive broker-trading environment provides clients with Meta Trader 4, which provides risk management and growth capabilities (and fast start)。

Affiliate Trading Platform

Member trading Platform

Track all clicks, leads and conversions sent from affiliates while automatically allocating commissions。

Cryptocurrency Trading

Cryptocurrency transactions

We offer cryptocurrency trading, enabling you to connect customers to cryptocurrency exchanges around the world。


det365娱乐场所官方网 provides hundreds of financial companies around the world with a unique, responsive and user-friendly online trading platform。

det365娱乐场所官方网: Smarter service for you, smarter customer service。

Our white-label trading platform puts you ahead of your competitors, allowing you to get to market faster and keeping you up to date on the latest trends in trading platforms, including compliance and innovative trading tools such as cryptocurrencies。

Today's trading environment is so complex that only large companies can participate。 However, with det365娱乐场所官方网, you can enter that market and have a competitive advantage in that market from the start。 Gone are the days when you had to make a living off a few client deals。 Now you can put them in charge of their own trades and profit from multiple trades。

Want to grow your business with our white label social transaction solution?

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